Participants Needed
Do you have high blood pressure?
Are you interested in increasing your physical activity?

Applying Artificial Intelligence to a Physical Activity Program in Adults with Elevated Blood Pressure

This is a 5-month research study to learn more about physical activity programs for physically inactive adults with elevated blood pressure and to improve understanding of the effects of these programs on physical activity levels.

Approximately half of the U.S. adult population has high blood pressure. Regular physical activity helps control blood pressure, but the vast majority of adults do not meet the current physical activity guidelines.  Therefore, a low-cost and scalable lifestyle modification program is urgently needed to provide early prevention and management of high blood pressure.


If you are eligible and agree to participate, the study will require:

  • A 5-month commitment
  • 3 office visits and 2 physical exams, including 24-hour urine collection
  • Wear a physical activity tracker and using a study app on your iPhone every day for 5 months


For your participation, you will be compensated up to $50 for completing all study requirements. Upon completion of the first screening/baseline visit or second randomization visit, you will be paid $10 in cash. Upon completion of the final visit, you will be paid $30 in cash.


To be eligible you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have elevated blood pressure
  • Have an iPhone 5s with OS 8.0 or newer OR an Android phone with OS 5.0 or newer. To check your phone OS version, click here for Android and iOS
  • Be physically inactive but willing to be more active